HOPE Automation Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978, more than 100 employees. Grasping the concept of sustainable management, customer demand-oriented reforms and has continued to innovate, specializing in the research and development of automatic control systems, and designing simple operation modes and customer-specific control systems from the user's standpoint, the machinery will maximize its effectiveness and make the Taiwanese machinery plant more competitive.

The field of automation control systems is still facing diversified development.The industry that spans includes industrial machinery such as rubber, woodworking, metal processing, and printing.The control technology includes many core skills such as electronic cams, phase synchronization, multi-axis synchronization, position positioning, and tension control.Improve mechanical accuracy and productivityAnd then in the mechanical structure design,Save unnecessary equipment,Reduce the total cost of machinery.

Product design:From the system control module to the control box sheet metal production, all are manufactured and manufactured by HOPE, and the computerization of the process has been consistently performed and strictly monitored.

System design:Professionals from the planning, design, development, testing and complete services, unified communication window.

Specification selection:According to the customer's mechanical structure and needs, the most suitable motor capacity can be calculated.

The system has an international standard.Can cooperate with various international certifications(Example: CE, UL, CSA...)